FOUNDATIONS: Writing better ledes

Having trouble making your copy zing? Consistently writing the story a day behind? This is a comprehensive look at ledes and what makes them jump. And while we’re at it, how can we take your story, and start preparing for a follow-up or bigger story?

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Find your shark (high interest topics in your community)

When a fatal shark attack happened at a local beach, the Cape Cod Times was ready. Find out how the paper maximized the moment with preparation that began years earlier. Not every market has sharks, but they do have the potential for big stories. Do you know what your shark is? Will you be ready when yours arrives? Executive Editor Paul Pronovost of the Cape Cod Times discusses how to prepare for that big moment through training, tools and expectations.

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Coronavirus style & standards

Guidelines, standards, and resources for reporting on the Coronavirus.

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Reporting on farm bankruptcies in your own backyard

Farm bankruptcies are on the rise, owing in part to retaliatory tariffs on agriculture products from the U.S.-China trade war, unpredictable weather causing adverse planting conditions and high levels of debt. Using a database created by Sky Chadde, the Gannett Agriculture Data Fellow at the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting, you’ll be able to localize the impact of these bankruptcies and identify trends in your community.

During this 45-minute session, you will learn what to look for in the data, sources to reach out to and any pitfalls to avoid. You’ll also get an overview of what distinguishes farm, or Chapter 12, bankruptcies from the other chapters of the bankruptcy code.

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#DoJournalismWithImpact (for digital editors)

Got a major project planned? Why not use Architect, the new external article template from GateHouse Media? Program developer Tyson Bird touches on how this tool can be used most effectively and shows examples of the template in action.

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#DoJournalismWithImpact (for reporters)

Hold on to your hats, we throw 30 great story ideas out in 15 minutes. Will include links to stories.

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Sports for specific audiences

With our new focus on audiences, earlier deadlines, fewer writers and your new expectations to show digital growth, every newsroom must take a hard look at how we cover sports. In many ways, sports will change more than any other team. In this session, we talk with sports leaders and reporters to discuss how ATM audiences fit into sports, and offer specific examples for content changes.

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