Why it matters when we publish

Josh Awtry discusses how to optimize your post timing to engage with the widest audience possible. By being deliberate about posting times, your stories can reach further across communities.

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Find your shark (high interest topics in your community)

When a fatal shark attack happened at a local beach, the Cape Cod Times was ready. Find out how the paper maximized the moment with preparation that began years earlier. Not every market has sharks, but they do have the potential for big stories. Do you know what your shark is? Will you be ready when yours arrives? Executive Editor Paul Pronovost of the Cape Cod Times discusses how to prepare for that big moment through training, tools and expectations.

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Audience growth (for editors)

Jean Hodges, GateHouse senior director of content, helps decision-makers understand how to grow their news organization’s audience. In this quick video, you’ll learn how to set goals and how to reach them.

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Building lasting relationships through engagement

Engagement is becoming more important than ever for newsrooms. Summer Moore, Dan Spears of Wilmington, Michelle Everhart of Columbus and Katie Landeck of Panama City offer some clear steps to start toward building relationships with your readers –– including in-person, social and online.

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Best practices for engagement and UGC forms

Summer Moore and Penny Riordan walk you through our new reader engagement form templates, which can be embedded directly into stories.

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