Our social media and ethics policies

This webinar takes a dive into our company’s social media policies and guidelines. Here, we clarify certain policies and help our employees gain a better understanding of our shared guidelines.

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SEO for live and breaking news

In this slideshow, you’ll learn how to use Google search results to amp up your breaking news and live content.

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Using CrowdTangle

Amber Burgess of CrowdTangle focuses on using the tool for newsgathering and performance measurement on social.

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SEO for reporters

How to create headlines that rank. SEO expert David Stone will explore examples of where a headline missed, and where it succeeded. Remember, this means more people will find your stories.

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Video for editors

Driving home video as a concept: As an editor, how do you keep the focus on adding video, and what topics are better than others?

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Using the Streamyard platform for livestreaming/broadcasting

Presented by Steve Elfers of USA Today, this webinar delves into how to use the Streamyard platform for both livestreaming and broadcasting.

You will need to sign in with a Microsoft account to view this webinar.

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Don’t forget social (for digital editors)

What about the platforms we don’t talk about much? Should you be on Reddit? How can you make the most of those platforms? Also, what are the most viral social posts and how can you use an evergreen strategy to keep those fresh?

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Don’t forget social (for editors)

Despite Facebook’s changing algorithms and outside force, here are newsrooms that are growing on social referrals. Here are tips you can put to use immediately.

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SEO for editors

What’s new and what’s important? Discover what SEO expert David Stone is seeing in Google currently, and how you can drive your newsroom to produce more SEO-friendly content.

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Don’t forget social (for reporters)

Reporters need to be where their audience is on social media. Ensure you are active on the right social platforms so you’re prioritizing your time to attract your readers.

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What is Storyful and how can you use it?

What is Storyful and how can it help you? A discussion on how to put it to use in your newsroom.

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SEO for digital editors

SEO expert David Stone will share five tips to increase search traffic.

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How to use Viafoura for comment moderation

Learn how to boost engagement with your audience while promoting civility. This training will discuss the role of the moderation, moderator role and permissions, and how to moderate.

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Discovering social content that strengthens your newsroom’s reporting

David Clinch, global strategic partnerships and training coordinator with Storyful, shares tips and best practices for journalists as they discover social media content online that is relevant to their reporting, including: How the program can support journalists as they navigate the flow of information across social platforms and determine authenticity of user-generated content; tools/steps to take that might help with verification process; and some guidance from the VPC as to how your team can work with theirs to utilize Storyful content on your site.

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