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Developing an evergreen plan

What is evergreen, and why should you care? This webinar answers your questions on how to develop an evergreen content strategy for your news outlet, and why.

More training on Planning:

#DoJournalismWithImpact (for editors)

How are you planning? Quick tips and examples on who’s doing this best, and seeing what the end result is. We’ll talk about the CND Google budget, and brainstorming sessions.

More training on Planning:

SEO for reporters

How to create headlines that rank. SEO expert David Stone will explore examples of where a headline missed, and where it succeeded. Remember, this means more people will find your stories.

More training on Audience Engagement:

Understanding the hybrid subscription model

Here, we’ll provide data, talk best practices, provide examples and hear any questions or concerns you might have about the hyrid subscription model. Video by Josh Awtry.

More training on Planning:

Don’t forget social (for reporters)

Reporters need to be where their audience is on social media. Ensure you are active on the right social platforms so you’re prioritizing your time to attract your readers.

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