All you need to know about

In this webinar, reporters recieve an overview of all the things can help them do.

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Why it matters when we publish

Josh Awtry discusses how to optimize your post timing to engage with the widest audience possible. By being deliberate about posting times, your stories can reach further across communities.

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Analytics (for digital editors)

Analytics deep dive: How can you disseminate the numbers, while adding actionable items? We look at how the numbers can help drive major projects, and what you can be bringing to your news meetings.

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Analytics (for reporters)

A reporter’s understanding of analytics: This is a basic overview of how to use, Google Analytics and others. What does this mean for you, as a reporter? Note: This training from 2018 speaks to “page views.” In 2020 and beyond, we know there are better measures for audience engagement that help us understand longer-term relationships with readers. There’s more in the Audience Engagement category, with more coming into 2021.

More training on Metrics tools: for data nerds

In the weeds for BI types.

More training on Metrics tools: