Listening Events

Photo collage by Shawn Dowd

Engage diverse communities by hosting listening sessions.

Black Tennessee Voices’ first Facebook Live virtual event (The Tennessean in Nashville)

Florida Times-Union listening event in Jacksonville, Fla., ahead of the Biden inauguration

On the eve of the inauguration of the first female vice president, we partnered with a local organization to give young women in Jacksonville an opportunity to talk to local women leaders. 

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Content Diversity Dashboard

Reveal gaps in coverage of underserved communities by mapping and tagging content.

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Mobile Newsrooms

Go into diverse communities to meet community members, listen to their voices and tell their stories.

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Digital Advisory Groups

Krystle Ellis, a community ambassador for the digital advisory groups.

Leverage private social media groups to build relationships with new audiences.

New and existing DAGs — start with this recording. Password: yBT^6v8%

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Public Safety Guidance

Transform your coverage to repair relationships and earn trust with communities of color.

Poynter: Gannett launches a network-wide push to re-work its crime coverage

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