10 ways to achieve equity in your storytelling

Not every single person will reflect the audience in their storytelling. As journalists do more inclusive and intersectional storytelling, how do we make sure whoever is photo editing, headline writing, storytelling, etc. has tips that are good to know before they even get started?  A diverse team of journalists in DEI jobs and teams across the company compiled their insights to help. Sessions will feature a mix of trainers led by audience and trust director C.J. Benjamin who will delve into the tips.

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Listening Events

Photo collage by Shawn Dowd

Engage diverse communities by hosting listening sessions.

Black Tennessee Voices’ first Facebook Live virtual event (The Tennessean in Nashville)

Florida Times-Union listening event in Jacksonville, Fla., ahead of the Biden inauguration

On the eve of the inauguration of the first female vice president, we partnered with a local organization to give young women in Jacksonville an opportunity to talk to local women leaders. 

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Content Diversity Dashboard

Reveal gaps in coverage of underserved communities by mapping and tagging content.

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Mobile Newsrooms

Go into diverse communities to meet community members, listen to their voices and tell their stories.

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Digital Advisory Groups

Krystle Ellis, a community ambassador for the digital advisory groups.

Leverage private social media groups to build relationships with new audiences.

New and existing DAGs — start with this recording. Password: yBT^6v8%

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Public Safety Guidance

Transform your coverage to repair relationships and earn trust with communities of color.

Poynter: Gannett launches a network-wide push to re-work its crime coverage

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