How to move searchers through the subscriber funnel

Using your unique content to turn visitors into subscribers.

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Digital strategies and best practices

Readers in our growth audience segments tell us these are key parts of the day when they’re seeking to engage in news.

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Google tools for journalists

Google Fact-Check Explorer, Google Public Data Explorer, Google Trends, Google search shortcuts/advanced search), MapChecking for crowd size estimates, PhantomBuster, VisualPing for tracking website updates and other cool tools and hacks.

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Cool tools for journalists

We will dig into several investigative and productivity tools you can incorporate into your reporting right now. We’ll explore for tracking website updates, for scraping Google Maps, the Salo App for recording front/back camera videos on your phone, for file conversion and dozens of phone apps and other tools.

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Transcription and translation in Microsoft Word

In this session, we’ll teach you how to create transcripts of your interviews in Word on the web. We’ll explore Word’s dictation features and highlight its ability to translate between different languages.

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Data visualization: InfoGram 201

Students will use datasets to build more advanced maps and single chart graphics.

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Evergreen Content and Search: An Expert Panel

Evergreen experts from USA TODAY and the USA TODAY NETWORK discuss ongoing initiatives and offer tips for newsrooms who want to start their own evergreen program.

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Data visualization: Canva and Venngage 201

Students will use a set of data points and data sets to build static and interactive graphics. We also will show how Flourish interfaces with Canva, since Canva now owns it.

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Data visualization: Datawrapper 301

A deep dive on building choropleth and location maps. In 75 minutes we will build three maps, based on both US and global data. We will work on a more advanced chart and focus more on adding tooltips and footnotes in the charts.

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Extending the reach of our video through social

Our 2022 coverage strategy puts video closer to the center of our work, because it’s more central to our audiences’ expectations.

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Writing headlines that win with new audiences

The right words aren’t just a powerful way to summarize a story — they’re the best tool we have to reach occasional readers and convert them to paying subscribers. In search and social channels, sharp headlines find and keep loyal audiences. Join content strategy analyst Chris White and Midwest DOT managers Catherine Rogers and Bobby Shipman as they share data-proven ways to craft engaging headlines that bring in new readers again and again. These web gurus scoured our data looking for ways to draw in new readers with powerful headlines. Here’s what they found – and how it can work for your stories.

Study out of Australia … “The effects of subtle misinformation in news headlines.”
Summarized in the New Yorker:
Abstract of the study:

Study out of the Netherlands… “What clicks actually mean”
Abstract :

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How a local sports reporter found her TikTok audience

Bucks County Courier Times/The Intelligencer sports reporter Nur B. Adam started creating content on her TikTok account at the start of the spring season and has used it to connect with the student athletes she covers. She’s gotten them to participate in videos, including some where they tap into the latest viral trend on the popular app. Some have gone viral, including one that has over 182,000 views and 18,700 likes. Her video rating her photos got 78,000 views, and now she’s created a series of videos. Network social media expert Jaime Cárdenas will interview Nur in an informal conversation and demo open to any of our journalists.

Featuring: Nur B. Adam, sports reporter in Bucks County, Pa., and network social media expert Jaime Cárdenas

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Conversational headlines

Getting readers to tap your story starts ​with a headline that makes them a promise​.

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Improving our relationship with readers

Our reporting time has never been more valuable — every story we write needs to reach an audience, prompting illumination and change. Understanding who our audiences are, the reasons they seek us out and how we can earn and keep their support is essential to building a sustainable plan for journalism’s future.​ This is a primer on the the audience funnel. First, we will do an audience health checkup and what we can do to help move readers through the loyalty funnel. Then we explore what a reader NEEDS from our content  – and making sure we deliver.

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Social media production tricks

Learn how to resize images to perfectly fit any format for a social channel using the Sprout Social Landscape image resizer.

Links to tools: 

Sprout Social Landscape image resizer:

Sprout Social image sizing guide:

Spot the Troll:

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Basic databases in Google Flourish and other tools

Do you have a dataset you want to feature in your article as a table or a searchable database? There are a few easy tools to help you show your work: Google Flourish, Airtable and Tableizer. 

Links to tools: 

Google Flourish (set up a free account prior):



Data to Build the Tables and Databases

COVID-19 Cases/Deaths by County:

Football Coach Salaries:

Link to PowerPoint:

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Google Earth Suite

We’ll explore three free Google Earth tools: Pro, Studio and Timelapse. These will help you visualize stories in a whole new way.

Google Earth Pro (download to hard drive here; free tool):

Google Earth Timelapse:

Google Earth Studio:

Juxtapose slider:

Example of Juxtapose and Earth images:

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Investigative/data skills series: Data visualization using Infogram

Data visualization for everyone using InfoGram, an easy but powerful tool available to journalists across Gannett. 

Here’s data for a line chart example we used.

Here’s the MVP data from Sports Reference as an example we used, with pivot table and final sheet tabs:

iframe wrapper for embedding

More detail on the table feature in Infogram

xample of an image, text and chart combo on one infogram:

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