Print design: Ethics and diversity

The choices we make must be truthful, fair, balanced and complete. Each decision happens in the context of many other decisions, both in the same moment and over time.

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Print design: Color

Our UNIFIED style guide has a very specific description of how color should be used In our design…based in part on a color palette developed specifically for us.​

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Print design: Photography

Use pictures to effectively convey meaning, detail and context — all within an ethical framework.

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Print design: Display type

These items give the reader additional points of entry (or interest) to the stories on the page.

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Print design: Headlines

Think of headlines as a road map for readers to guide them around a page.

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Print design: The grid

Learn about how 3, 4, 6 and 12-column concepts unify our look — making it cleaner and more understandable to readers.

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Visual storytelling: Styles and standards

Common design styles and standards are the framework for great visual storytelling. Learn how the design choices we make, from headline size to photo placement, impact reader perception. Led by the Design Center’s GW Babb, David Anesta, Amy Stanfield and Elora Karim.

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Write better headlines and captions

Learn how the pros at the Design Center zero in on the heart of the story, using just a few words.

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News values and judgment

We tackle the fundamentals of what makes a story newsworthy, the essential practices of journalists and the shared values that differentiate journalism from other forms of content and storytelling.

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