SEO Champions: April 2022 Deep Dive

The SEO champions team discusses best practices for targeting High Volume Keywords, search strategies for covering the NFL Draft. They also review case studies on Q1 YouTube wins and March Madness.

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Why it matters when we publish

Josh Awtry discusses how to optimize your post timing to engage with the widest audience possible. By being deliberate about posting times, your stories can reach further across communities.

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SEO for live and breaking news

In this slideshow, you’ll learn how to use Google search results to amp up your breaking news and live content.

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Analytics (for editors)

As an editor, what trends should you be looking for to steer coverage? How can you use analytics to grow your audience? This webinar goes in depth on how leadership can use analytics to improve both coverage and audience relationships.

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Audience growth (for editors)

Jean Hodges, GateHouse senior director of content, helps decision-makers understand how to grow their news organization’s audience. In this quick video, you’ll learn how to set goals and how to reach them.

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Audience growth (for reporters)

For reporters and frontline producers: here are five things you can do to increase your own traffic for your news organization.

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Building lasting relationships through engagement

Engagement is becoming more important than ever for newsrooms. Summer Moore, Dan Spears of Wilmington, Michelle Everhart of Columbus and Katie Landeck of Panama City offer some clear steps to start toward building relationships with your readers –– including in-person, social and online.

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Best practices for engagement and UGC forms

Summer Moore and Penny Riordan walk you through our new reader engagement form templates, which can be embedded directly into stories.

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Exploring Google Trends

Maggie Farley, a former Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent, is now working with Google News Initiative to help journalism thrive in the digital age. This video covers Google Trends.

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Video (for digital editors)

Digital video editing: Desktop video editing best practices and tips, including lower thirds and YouTube Live.

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Don’t forget social (for reporters)

Reporters need to be where their audience is on social media. Ensure you are active on the right social platforms so you’re prioritizing your time to attract your readers.

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News audience habits in the time of coronavirus

What we’ve learned about readers’ interests in Covid-19 coverage in the early going.

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SEO for digital editors

SEO expert David Stone will share five tips to increase search traffic.

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How to use Viafoura for comment moderation

Learn how to boost engagement with your audience while promoting civility. This training will discuss the role of the moderation, moderator role and permissions, and how to moderate.

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