Understanding the financial side of our business

Learn how to make the budget work for you, rather than the other way around. Our SVP of finance, Tricia Gosser, will help us understand the inner-workings of the financial side of our business. What do you as content executives need to know to be savvy financial operators? Tricia will help you get there.

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Listening effectively: Lessons from an extreme extrovert

Hear from Louisville editor Mary Irby-Jones on how she learned to stop talking so she could hear other people.

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What good bosses do

We focus on Connecting mission, purpose and values with everyday work (George Stanley & Mizell Stewart III) and Motivation: Celebrating your people; elements of good communication, feedback, etc. (Mizell Stewart III)

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Connecting mission, purpose and values with everyday work:
21 Ways to Be a Better Leader

Top 10 Bad Boss Behaviors

Goal Setting

Motivation: Celebrating your people; elements of good communication, feedback, etc.

How to Establish Open Communication at Work

TeamRelate: Flexing Your Communication Style (My Leadership Edge Session, November2020): Presentation, Recording

How to Give Feedback Effectively

3 Questions That Motivate Any Employee

The Puzzle of Motivation

Motivator Worksheet

Leader as Motivator (My Leadership Edge Session, May 2020) Presentation, Recording

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Managing online harassment: What to know to ensure your digital and psychological safety

This 75-minute session led by the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma and the Committee to Protect Journalists provides reporters, editors, managers and other news staff with practical digital security steps and psychological precautions to take before, during, and after online harassment and attacks. The briefing covers both digital and psychological safety in the lead-up to and post-U.S. presidential election. The training will be delivered by Elana Newman, PhD., a clinical psychologist and research director for the Dart Center, and Ela Stapley, a digital security expert with the Committee to Protect Journalists and a former freelance journalist.


CPJ’s guide to protecting against targeted online attacks

CPJ’s guide to removing personal data from the internet

CPJ’s digital safety kit for journalists

CPJ’s risk assessment guide

How journalists can get access to a password manager for free.

HORN Network: Help removing the digital trail of online abuse


More training on Self-care:

Difficult conversations as productive tools for better outcomes

We will explore:

  • How to typically approach a tough conversation –– any memorable ones stand out that you feel like you navigated really well or really poorly without providing too many details and what you learned?
  • How do you know when it’s time to put someone on a coaching plan or a PIP?
  • When you think about coaching, especially challenging employees, what tactics have worked best for you?
  • We’re in really challenging times right now, and it’s important we recognize that and give people as much understanding and flexibility as possible. At the same time, there is work that needs to be done, and we have to continue to hold people accountable. How do you think about performance management during this particular time?
  • These are tools for both managers and employees. They facilitate difficult conversations by keeping things focused and measurable, which can cut the tension with difficult employees. 

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