Manager Fundamentals Certificate

If you haven’t led a team before — or haven’t done so for very long — it can be daunting. Folks are looking to you for direction, feedback, assurance, critique. Use these courses to ground yourself in the skills you’ll need to make yourself and everyone around you better.

  • Listening effectively: Lessons from an extreme extrovert

    Hear from Louisville editor Mary Irby-Jones on how she learned to stop talking so she could hear other people.

  • Five keys to better virtual leadership

    We explore how journalists around the company are learning to listen more, communicate better, celebrate good work, constructively identify areas for improvement and reconnect in ways that return some of the joy and fulfillment we’ve been missing.

  • How things work in the Network

    We cover how our matrixed organization works — locally, regionally and nationally. You’ll learn how to tap into all the right people to get the job done right.

  • Situations managers deal with

    We cover difficult conversations, disciplinary matters and what to do when the unexpected happens.

  • Mechanics of good management

    We cover performance management, managing virtually and the career life cycle, including the art of recruiting, retention and hiring — with a focus on DEI.

  • What good bosses do

    Connecting mission, purpose and values with everyday work and Motivation: Celebrating your people; elements of good communication, feedback.

  • Five case studies that illuminate our ethics and social media policies

    Being proactive and communicating our standards clearly helps, but sometimes we slip up. Here’s a primer on what to watch out for, and how to steer clear of trouble.