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Instagram for journalists

What are all these Instagram terms I hear and why do they matter to my work? Get a crash course on the basics of Instagram and how the platform can […]

Flourish 201/301

Easily turn your data into stunning charts, maps and interactive visuals for your stories. We will unlock the advanced features and settings in Flourish that will help you animate and […]

Google Maps 301

Students will build layered maps. We will show them how to work multimedia into the map. We’ll use real data they can download. Bonus: We also will show how to […]

Google Trends 301

How to download data from the Google Trends store and create Flourish graphics with it. Also: Tracking midterm election issues and candidates. How can you use Trends during an election? […]

Datawrapper 301

A deep dive on building choropleth and location maps. In 75 minutes we will build three maps, based on both US and global data. We will work on a more […]

Canva and Venngage 201

Students will use a set of data points and data sets to build static and interactive graphics. We also will show how Flourish interfaces with Canva, since Canva now owns […]

InfoGram 201

Students will use datasets to build more advanced maps and single chart graphics. Sign up here.