Diversity Toolkit for Newsrooms

Best practices for newsrooms to address dissatisfaction, earn trust and improve coverage for underserved communities.

Introducing a center of excellence highlighting inherently scalable best practices for newsrooms, helping to repair and rebuild relationships with communities of color. Key areas include public safety, digital advisory groups, mobile newsrooms and listening events. As we eye our 2025 diversity North Star goal, adopting these best practices will better connect our newsrooms with communities of color, repair relationships and ultimately will include more content and sources from underrepresented communities. This effort also highlights the Content Diversity Dashboard.

  • 10 ways to achieve equity in your storytelling

    A diverse team of journalists in DEI jobs and teams across the company compiled their insights to help.

  • Listening Events

    Engage diverse communities by hosting sessions.

  • Content Diversity Dashboard

    Reveal gaps in coverage of underserved communities by mapping and tagging content.

  • Mobile Newsrooms

    Go into diverse communities to meet community members, listen to their voices and tell their stories.

  • Digital Advisory Groups

    Leverage private social media groups to build relationships with new audiences.

  • Public Safety Guidance

    Public Safety Guidance

    Transform your coverage to repair relationships and earn trust with communities of color.