Digital storytelling certificate

  • Writing headlines that win with new audiences

    Writing headlines that win with new audiences

    The right words aren’t just a powerful way to summarize a story — they’re the best tool we have to reach occasional readers and convert them to paying subscribers.

  • How a local sports reporter found her TikTok audience

    Sports reporter Nur B. Adam uses TikTok to connect with the student athletes she covers. She’s gotten them to participate in videos, including some where they tap into the latest viral trend on the popular app.

  • SEO Champions – October 2021 Deep Dive

    The SEO champions team reviewed an interesting Google Trends top-of-funnel case study, discussed YouTube SEO recommendations and generated plenty of content ideas to steal from the Fall & Holiday Season […]

  • Conversational headlines

    Getting readers to tap your story starts ​with a headline that makes them a promise​.

  • Improving our relationship with readers

    A primer on the the audience funnel. First, we will do an audience health checkup and what we can do to help move readers through the loyalty funnel. Then we explore what a reader NEEDS from our content  – and making sure we deliver.

  • Social media production tricks

    Learn how to resize images to perfectly fit any format for a social channel using the Sprout Social Landscape image resizer.

  • Basic databases in Google Flourish and other tools

    A few easy tools to help you show your work: Google Flourish, Airtable and Tableizer.

  • Google Earth Suite

    We explore three free tools that will help you visualize stories in a whole new way.

  • Investigative/data skills series: Data visualization using Infogram

    Data visualization for everyone using InfoGram, an easy but powerful tool available to journalists across Gannett.