Audience engagement certificate BETA

This will be the blurb for the audience engagement certificate.

  • Putting metrics to use on your beat

    Putting metrics to use on your beat

    What does success look like? How do you translate what your metrics are telling you into story ideas or deeper insights into what your audience is seeking – both for premium content and reaching new readers with top of funnel content?

  • Understanding our key audience segments

    Understanding our key audience segments

    Gannett has done extensive research into people interested in news — those who are in our audience today as well as those who aren’t — so we can better understand who we’re working for. These documents and workshops will help you understand the segments, what members of each segment want from us, and how we can earn them as subscribers.

  • DEI tagging for editors and producers

    DEI tagging for editors and producers

    As your newsroom increases storytelling to reflect the communities we serve, what are best practices for tracking the content? Editors and producers are invited to join this session in which we will share revised tags to use for 2022 and what each tag means.

  • Mapping tools that reveal inequalities in our communities

    This will use Census data and two new network tools: Diversity Dashboard and Pass the Mic, to see where stories land and how to cultivate follow ups with sources.

  • SEO Boot Camp 4: Engaging the Search Audience

    Audience engagement is a critical aspect of SEO. If people bounce out of your content too quickly or have a negative experience, you won’t retain top rankings for long. This sessions discusses ways that journalists can turn short-term scanners into engaged readers who want to return to your site over and over again.

  • Subscriber-only journalism: Making sure our work counts

    Moving away from page views to a whole-funnel approach in pursuit of subscribers and sustainable journalism.

  • Digital subscription strategies for small and mid-sized newsrooms

    We share metrics, best practices and ideas to try.