Measure the impact of your newsroom’s best journalism

The Detroit Free Press proves its worth to its subscribers and its community every year with its annual Community impact Report. In this 30-minute workshop, executive editor Anjanette Delgado will explain how the Freep tracks the results of its work — the real-world change that happens as a result of their journalism (law changes, government investigations, arrests, prison releases, lawsuits, settlements, amnesty, community activation, etc.) — so it can publish the comprehensive year-end report. The Community Impact Report isn’t just a celebration of what our journalism achieved. It’s a huge help in retaining existing subscribers and attracting new ones.

Here are the slides from the workshop.

Here’s an easy guide to how to make a community impact report.

And here’s where to find Impact Tracker: behind Okta.

The Detroit Free Press’ Community Impact Report 2021

Wisconsin’s impact report 2021

Metric reports that include impact

Impact summary (download your impacts, your site’s, your region’s, the Network’s, a funder’s)

Daily site summary (MTD by site)

Monthly KPI report (full month, all network)

How did that content do? (to come, single story)

More training on Digital design and production: