Data portals: Datahubs, USA Facts and the Humanitarian Exchange

In this training, Mike Reilley will show you how to use three portals to find datasets and even some pre-built graphics.

Open these up before playing the video so you can do your own searches during the training:

USA Facts
Hundreds of government-generated data and fact sheets about many issues: crime, business, public safety, etc.
There are thousands of datasets from financial market data and population growth to cryptocurrency prices. If you don’t find what you are looking for ask the Data Concierge for a free quote to find the data for you.

The Humanitarian Data Exchange

An open-source data portal from the United Nations containing more than 20,000 datasets. Show caution and vett the data you find here as it is open source. Many are posted by nonprofits and special-interest groups, which are clearly marked and have information available about them.
Journalist’s Toolbox Public Records resources:

More training on Reporting & Writing: