Rights-cleared music you can use

As part of our recent renewal with our stock music provider, Universal Production Music (UPM –formerly known to us as Killer Tracks), we now have access to additional music tracks.  UPM also owns a company called FirstCom music and we now have access to thousands more tracks in that library as well.  This library has been added to all existing Gannett logins.   

There’s some information attached just to get you familiar with what UPM offers.  They have music directors who can help with your music search.  

As a reminder, we should rely only on UPM for stock music and not the various free sources you may find online.  We do have an enterprise license to use UPM with unlimited seats and unlimited downloads.  Our usage rights for content that we use UPM tracks in are pretty broad and include all our normal needs such as on platform and social networks.  Anyone who needs a login can email support@gannett.com to get instructions on how to set one up.  

If you run into problems getting it created or have other questions about where we can use UPM, you are welcome to reach out to Cathy Kononetz, executive director of video content, anytime. 

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