Fact-Checking III: Put Your Photo Fact-Checking Skills to the Test

We’ll give you three photos to fact-check with context shared (for real) on social media about each photo. Your job is to reverse image search each photo to see if the context is accurate or if the photo has been misrepresented. Answers will be at the end of the video. No peeking!

Google Image Search: Check where and when an image was first posted to the web

Tineye.com: Similar to Google Image Search but produces some different results

Link to the fact-checking exercise: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xWNFQ5SV4xYiBhtAQEr1GCdEk8vxyF5Z?usp=sharing

More fact-checking tools on Journalist’s Toolbox: https://www.journaliststoolbox.org/category/trust-and-verification/

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