How editors and managers can help keep reporters and photographers safe during protests

The safety and welfare of our employees is our highest priority, especially during these recent months of COVID-19 and protests across the nation. We have had numerous discussions, training sessions, and initiatives on safely reporting in the midst of the pandemic and unrest. During the summer, we held specific training sessions about how to safely report during protests and what to do if you are detained. We encourage all of our frontline newsroom employees to review the training session in advance of the upcoming election. And we constantly reassess and update safety measures on behalf of all of our properties.

This conversation is specific to editors/managers. What we covered:

  • Ensuring the buddy system;
  • Designating editors to monitor the whereabouts of employees during coverage and equipment best practices;
  • Simple and effective systems to monitor/check in;
  • How editors can assess threat conditions, especially in fluid/dynamic situations

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Garett Jaco or email

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