Difficult conversations as productive tools for better outcomes

We will explore:

  • How to typically approach a tough conversation –– any memorable ones stand out that you feel like you navigated really well or really poorly without providing too many details and what you learned?
  • How do you know when it’s time to put someone on a coaching plan or a PIP?
  • When you think about coaching, especially challenging employees, what tactics have worked best for you?
  • We’re in really challenging times right now, and it’s important we recognize that and give people as much understanding and flexibility as possible. At the same time, there is work that needs to be done, and we have to continue to hold people accountable. How do you think about performance management during this particular time?
  • These are tools for both managers and employees. They facilitate difficult conversations by keeping things focused and measurable, which can cut the tension with difficult employees. 

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